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General information on advertising projects.

The advertising portal displays an advertisement related to Tenerife and The Canary Islands. The advertisement is shown only in case a visitor is on the island and has access to the Internet. Any company or individual can post its advertising. The advertisement cost starts from a penny per viewing, thus making 10 EUR for 1,000 visitor hits. The minimal sum to post your advertisement on our portal is 10 EUR.

The system has an automatic defence against fraud in order to keep owners of ads from benefiting from false ad views. The system verifies whether the views are bogus and returns the money to you. For fraudulent behaviour, the owners of displaying platforms will be taken out of service.

You can create your advertisement within a couple minutes, making its description up to 500 characters, in any different language and upload your logo and picture. After moderators approve your ad, it will be posted. You can create several ads, change them, and display them in different places.

While exhibiting the ad, your funds will be withdrawn, and the sum is shared between the owners of the sites where the ad is displayed. Payment is deducted only if your ad was downloaded by a new user. No fee will be requested if a view is repeated within 24 hours. The cost per view will be charged if a user downloads the ad after 24 hours on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

It is also possible to have a fixed place for a banner displaying the link to your site. The banner size, starting from 150x100 pixels, can be viewed on top of the page. In this case, payment will be a fixed price. This type of advertisement will be displayed to visitors who view the ads on tablets or PC’s.

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